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Consider the most frequent questions future owners Pomsky.

The Answers of one of the most famous nurseries of Pomsky and mini Siberian Husky: Do nurseries provide health insurance? Kennels dogs maintain high health standards and provide insurance, puppies are getting full veterinary examination. Are Pomsky puppies vaccinated? Yes, breeders provide the necessary vaccinations in accordance with the age of puppies, as well as […]

Features of the acquisition Pomsky

Pomsky – a very rare and valuable species, and even in the United States, where breeders specialize in breeding these dogs, there is a queue, or so-called wait list. Rules for all major breeders are nearly identical and have a few points. Setting a waiting list suggests, a deposit for the puppy before birth and […]

Common health problems

Pomeranian often suffer from dental problems due to the accumulation of plaque. Pomsky too can inherit the weak side, so experts advise to pay examination of the dog teeth special attention. Life expectancy Pomsky – 13-15 years.


These dogs usually have high energy and very playful, so they must be provided with a high-quality dry food, which can meet all of their nutritional needs.


Pomsky very intelligent and respond well to training with the appropriative approach. Pomsky as his parents are very energetic dogs, and require active exercise, love to play and frolic. Therefore, it is important that owners Pomsky could meet the needs of your pet moving. Pomsky is ideal for training and are easily trained diverse team, […]

Physical activity

Physical activity of each individual puppy depends on the size and litter. The larger the dog, the more it needs to move. On average Pomsky must be an hour or two a day to engage in vigorous activity, such as walking twice a day for an hour. An active lifestyle is good for any dog, […]

Temperament and behavior

Pomsky – cheerful, friendly dogs who love children. They have a mild temperament, calm, non-aggressive and do not fearfulness, playful, energetic, always ready to embark on an adventure with the hosts. These dogs can tolerate enforced solitude, thrive in a large family, and in a quiet house with a single host. Pomsky attached to the […]

Wool Pomsky

Fur Pomsky different density and very soft to the touch. Do Pomsky fluffy, slightly curled tail. The undercoat is shorter and thick, it protects the dog from the cold and heat, and retains moisture. The top coat layer protects from dirt and snow, here are longer and stronger than wool. Pomsky molt once or twice […]


The most popular color Pomsky – Siberian Husky for the classic gray-white color with a characteristic “mask” on the face. However Pomsky may also be black to pure white or pure gray, red, brown, copper color and so on, and have different markings. Pomsky eyes may be blue, green, amber and brown, also found Pomsky […]

Size and weight

Each generation Pomsky not like the previous one. The size and weight of each dog is dependent on many factors – from the floor, litter size and parents. Pomsky-boys weigh a bit more and reach a little more height at the withers than Pomsky-girls. The first generation Pomsky, or F1, means that one of the […]