Consider the most frequent questions future owners Pomsky.

The Answers of one of the most famous nurseries of Pomsky and mini Siberian Husky:

  • Do nurseries provide health insurance?

Kennels dogs maintain high health standards and provide insurance, puppies are getting full veterinary examination.

  • Are Pomsky puppies vaccinated?

Yes, breeders provide the necessary vaccinations in accordance with the age of puppies, as well as carry out antiparasitic treatments.

  • Can Pomsky live in an apartment?

For a comfortable life Pomsky not a large space is required. Pomsky can live in a small apartment, but they pomsky 17need every day to frolic in the air.

  • Are Pomsky strongly molt?

Pomsky little molt, Pomsky coat is very thick, like undercoat. The undercoat is replaced once or twice a year. Furthermore, virtually no need to comb Pomsky .

  • What size does reach adult Pomsky?

The size and weight Pomsky determined by several factors, including the size of the parents, the floor and the litter. Puppies first litter usually weigh 10-25 kilograms, the pups of the second litter – 10-20 kg.

  • Can I bring Pomsky in the family with children?

The answer is – no doubt. Pomsky – friendly, affectionate dogs who love children. Pomsky take families with babies and older children.

  • Can I purchase Pomsky right now?

Most nurseries are almost always have puppies, although Pomsky quickly find family and breeders follow for the quality of the offspring, not the quantity.

  • Are Pomsky affected by any characteristic diseases?

Until now, it was not revealed diseases, which are subject to Pomsky, but a breed bred recently and they incompletely understood. Pomeranian susceptible to diseases of the oral cavity and tooth decay, so similar could occur with Pomsky. You should periodically visit the appropriate specialist.

  • How long will have to wait for the puppy, and whether there are waiting lists?

pomsky 18Breeders constitute a waiting list for each litter, which lists only those who can afford to maintain Pomsky.

  • Do I need to castrate or sterilize puppies Pomsky?

Breeders offer a similar service. Sterilization has a positive impact on the health and behavior of Pomsky.

  • Why choose Pomsky?

Dogs Pomsky coexist in almost every family, and become accustomed to its way of life. Pomsky are loving, playful, easily trained family members that bring joy to the house only. In addition, Pomsky – rare and exquisite breed with a distinct beauty and good health.

  • Is it easy to train a Pomsky?

Pomsky intelligent and respond well to training, quickly memorize commands and tricks taught. Pomsky often manages to surprise the owners, if their teaching approach in detail. Simply put, the effort invested in training, directly affect the result.

  • How much does the puppy Pomsky cost?

Pomsky cost 2500-3500 dollars worth depending on eye color, size, body shape and coat condition.

  • How does the waiting list work?

When the puppies reach the age at which you can determine the color of the eyes, become available photos and video, which can view the potential owners who are on the waiting list on a specific litter. Then, the owners make their choice and draw up the necessary documents.

  • Are Pomsky bark a lot?

No. Puppy can wean barking or even cast a vote. If a puppy is rewarded, where is quiet, he learns not to bark. You can also train your puppy to bark or howl on command. Some Pomsky use howling as an expression of emotion – as a Husky.

  • How does wool Pomsky look like?

Pomsky wool is similar both for wool husky and wool Pomeranian. Pomsky soft and fluffy, they have silky fur, which lacks Spitz. Pomsky infrequently moult since fallen hairs remain on the fleece, while the dog is not comb. Pomsky strongly molt only in the summer, for about a month, but the regular combing solves the problem.

  • Is it possible to breed Pomsky?

Most breeders neuter puppies, but they can conclude a special agreement on the withdrawal.

  • How to choose Pomsky?

Before taking the dog, should decide on the desired size and character of the future family member.


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