Description pomsky

  • The first generation of puppies born from Huskies and Pomeranian, inherit a greater extent the quality of one of the parents.
  • Description pomskyThe weight of the first generation of puppies can be calculated folded weight moms and dads, dividing it in half. Dogs are born from 4 to 12 kg.
  • Second generation puppies already weigh less, their color is more predictable.
  • Each subsequent litter of hybrid breed is not like the previous ones, here opens space for breeding.
  • Health problems, according to the observations, does not arise.
  • Wool dogs thick, very soft. The undercoat is short, dense. Molting takes place twice a year.
  • The structure of the tail of a husky and a Spitz are similar, and because of the crossed offspring fluffy tail curled over the back.
  • Color in the offspring is unpredictable, but most often it is black and white, with a recognizable husky muzzle. Other colors of wool – by the will of nature.
  • Eye color is taken over by Husky, often blue eyes, but there are green, brown and even colored.
  • An interesting feature – a cross between representatives Spitz able to lick their fur, like a cat.

Characteristic features are also inherited from both parental species. Much of the performance is the result of crossbreeding Pomsky but eye color, which is determined solely by the genome of the Huskies.

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