Features of the acquisition Pomsky

Pomsky – a very rare and valuable species, and even in the United States, where breeders specialize in breeding these dogs, there is a queue, or so-called wait list.

Rules for all major breeders are nearly identical and have a few points. Setting a waiting list suggests, a deposit for the puppy before birth and obtaining a certain number in the general queue. In this case the pomsky breed puppybreeder will ensure that those wishing to buy a puppy Pomsky, while a new litter, will be given priority to choose a puppy before they will be displayed open market. The procedure is as follows: as soon as the puppy will be 6 weeks, the breeder sends the first person on the list of photos of all the puppies from the litter. Within 24 hours he had a chance to ask any questions and to decide whether it will take a puppy from this litter or miss place. If the puppy is selected, the breeder removes it from the list and sends a photo of the remaining puppies to the next person of the list, which is also within 1 day decides. This continues until all the puppies will not be redeemed. Those who missed the turn for any reason, go to the list on the next following litter, and are queued in the same order, so that the waiting list is modified slightly. Skip turn can be an unlimited number of times until the same puppy will not be selected. In the case of exclusion from the queue on their own within 6 months of the deposit no return. You can also return the deposit, if within 6 months did not choose a puppy.

It is very difficult to say exactly how much will be waiting for their turn, because it depends on how quickly people will choose a puppy or miss this opportunity, how many puppies in the litter is born (usually 6-7).

There is one caveat for the lovers of the blue-eyed Pomsky: eye color in these dogs can vary up to 12 weeks, so you should take this into account when you buy a puppy at an early age. As a rule, puppies with blue eyes, small in size, with characteristic patterns on the head, inherent Husky, cost more. Although breeders pomskycan not guarantee the accuracy with an adult dog size Pomsky, there are limits to between 7 and 12 kg for the first generation Pomsky (50% Siberian Husky / 50% Pomeranian) and from 4.5 to 7 kg for Pomsky second generation (25% / 75%). The high cost of puppies Pomsky is understandable for several reasons. Firstly, Pomsky extremely rare breed, which is popular in the world is growing by leaps and bounds. This is due to its production is not easy, you must have the expertise and time to do the right thing. Second, you have to ask yourself what do you think the high price for a purebred dog? And now take into account the complexity of the production of these Pomsky whose authenticity is confirmed by DNA tests, their rarity and a huge demand for them in the world, the complexity of their gentle delivery from the United States, high responsibility to the new owner, and you will understand that there is no concept of “cheap Pomsky” there is the concept of “scam”. All must bring only proven puppies, healthy and strong with all necessary documents and evidence.

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