Size and weight

Each generation Pomsky not like the previous one.

The size and weight of each dog is dependent on many factors – from the floor, litter size and parents.

Pomsky-boys weigh a bit more and reach a little more height at the withers than Pomsky-girls.

  1. The first generation Pomsky, or F1, means that one of the parents of such a dog – pure husky, and the second – Pomeranian.

First generation Pomsky differ from each other in size and weight, and also inherit from one species quality to a greater extent.

Middle Pomsky first generation weighs 4-12 kg.

  1. The second generation, or the F2, obtained by crossing two dogs of the first generation.

Anticipate the size and color of the second generation of puppies a lot easier.

They weigh 10.4 kg, depending on the weight of the parents.

To imagine about the possible weight of an adult Pomsky, you can fold the weight of both parents and divide in half.

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