Temperament and behavior

  • pomsky IntelligencePomsky – cheerful, friendly dogs who love children.
  • They have a mild temperament, calm, non-aggressive and do not fearfulness, playful, energetic, always ready to embark on an adventure with the hosts.
  • These dogs can tolerate enforced solitude, thrive in a large family, and in a quiet house with a single host.

Pomsky attached to the owners more than the Huskies, but more independent than the Pomeranian.

  • each puppy unique personality, temperament is partially determined by genetics and partly – the environment.


As Pomeranian and Siberian Huskies have advanced intellectual abilities.

Pomeranian even originally intended to teach them all sorts of tricks.

To this day, Pomeranian differ wit and delight owners of a number of commands.

Siberian Husky – is also quite intelligent breed originally bred for use in the sled. And now – perhaps the most famous movie stars among dogs.

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