Wool Pomsky

  • Fur Pomsky different density and very soft to the touch.
  • Do Pomsky fluffy, slightly curled tail.
  • The undercoat is shorter and thick, it protects the dog from the cold and heat, and retains moisture.
  • The top coat layer protects from dirt and snow, here are longer and stronger than wool.
  • Pomsky molt once or twice a year, with changing undercoat.
  • Daily combing will significantly reduce the amount of hair scattered around the house.
  • All the rest of the year Pomsky can comb out no more than once or twice a month, the area around the muzzle and ears can often comb – where hair thicker and can form mats.

Pomsky can lick to maintain coat clean, just like a cat.

Pomsky Wool is soft and fluffy, sheds, but not abundant (if this gene will get from Pomeranian), requires regular brushing.

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